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Get the exact temperature right and control the cooking time with this cooking thermometer.

Instantaneous Reading
Fast, highly accurate temperature display in less than 3 seconds
Extra Long Probe
Contains a stainless steel probe for easy access to the inside of foods
Easy to use and bottle opener
Can also be used as a bottle opener.

About Chef-X Probe

Thanks to the instant readout, you can prepare vegetables, meats, bread, cakes and much more without losing the right temperature.
  • No more waiting! Thanks to the tip and probe, the cooking thermometer is easily inserted into the ingredients and provides the temperature in 2-3 seconds.
  • Configurable alarm. All you need to do is set the target temperature and wait for it to beep.
  • Built-in magnet on the back and has a hook hole so it can be hung on the fridge perfectly. The hook at the same time functions as a bottle opener.
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Main advantages:

The thermometer used in the best kitchens in the world.
With this thermometer you will know when vegetables, meats, cakes and any food reaches the perfect cooking temperature!
Fast and
Thanks to the tip and probe, the thermometer easily inserts into the food and displays the temperature in 2-3 seconds.
Push button ℃ / ℉ and automatic switch off
Just press a button to convert ℃ to ℉, then select the desired temperature type.
LCD display
Backlit LCD display. Illuminates the display for easy reading in low light.
The perfect gift
The perfect choice for gifting to family, partners and friends.


How long does it take to display the temperature?
You can get the temperature of food in about 2 to 3 seconds.
Can it measure the temperature of liquids?
Yes, it can measure the temperature of any liquid.
Does it come with instructions?
Yes, although it is very easy to use, the thermometer comes with instructions.
Can it be set to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?
Yes, no problem.
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